Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 Political Predictions

It’s time for your 2006 political predictions. They can be serious, cynical or sarcastic.

To get things rolling, assume Governor Schwarzenegger proposes $50 billion of infrastructure bonds in his State-of-the-State address.

Will it pass or not? Will it have prevailing wage or not? Who will vote for or against it? And what rationale will be used?

Enjoy -- have a fun and safe New Year celebration and see you all in the Capitol next week!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

You're holding on too tight, you've lost the edge

Has Hack n Flak lost its edge? All the stuff I used to adore about this blog are seemingly missing -- no more Silence, Will and the others. Now Chuck is good from time to time, but a bit academic.

Where has the edge gone? What is a girl to do!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Lying Left Then and Now

Why is it that liberals, progressives, leftists, humanists and the like seeking a brave new world for the rest of us often resort to lying or cheating to turn their vision into reality?

The latest example of this comes to us courtesy of an L.A. Times article about liberal icon Upton Sinclair, the socialist author of 1906’s The Jungle, and the 1934 Democrat nominee for Governor of California.

It seems that Sinclair lied about the guilt of a pair of anarcho-socialist revolutionaries named Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The 1921 trial for this pair of murderers, and their later execution in 1927, galvanized the left in America then and to this day.

When all is said and done, Upton Sinclair is looking more and more like the phenotype for Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) (although in Sinclair’s defense, he, at least, eventually disavowed Stalin, which is more than we can say about Moore and Osama).

Here is my piece Sinclair and the Lying Left.

Here is the L.A. Times piece on Sinclair's latest lie.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Ackerman Mess - It is fun to watch!

Knowing a good Reep bru-ha ha when I see one, I will post the anonymous thoughts of one of my GOP Senate friends about Dick Ackerman's remarks to the FlashReport:

Ackerman has lost his mind. His weak leadership is going to result in the loss, not only in the winnable Dunn seat, but possibly the Denham seat as well.

My boss was furious to see that he is so willing to throw a conservative, quality candidate like Tran under the bus.

This is not good, people are angry.

So there you go. Have a great weekend you Reeps in wackyland!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Breaking News - Van Tran is Running

Orange County blogger Art Pedroza is reporting via the Orange County Register that Van Tran is running for State Senate.

*Clarification, the Orange County Register is now reporting that Van has opened an exploratory committee for the 34th Senate District, but has yet to officially declare for the State Senate.

*Political Translation - Tran is still running.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Correa for Senate

While I am normally reluctant to make a pseudo announcement without hearing it from the man himself, it seems that former Assemblyman and current Orange County Supe Lou Correa is getting ready to challenge Tom Umberg in a sure to be no holds barred 34th Senate District Democrat Primary.

According to a few friends formerly affiliated with Lou, some pretty significant forces from the moderate Democrat, pro-business community are promising big if Correa jumps in.

And THEY say Correa is all but in. No official word from Lou yet though.(Warning: How many times have you heard a candidate is running but the candidacy or campaign never occurs.)

While I wouldn't expect a formal announcement from Lou until after the New Year, Sacramento and OC wheels drafting Correa for Senate are already in motion. A rare showdown between labor and business in a Democrat primary.

My prediction: As I have blogged before after the gay marriage vote, his own marriage scandal, and military service distortions, Umberg is in serious trouble and Correa (if his candidacy plays out)will pull a coup.

For All You Reep "Insiders" - New Morrow for Congress Website

For a Reep it isn't bad.

Senator Bill Morrow
Conservative for Congress

Contact: Joe Justin/916-804-5722
Vartan Djihanian/760-560-7712

Morrow Unveils Congressional Campaign Website

Launch of brings state senator one step closer to formally announcing his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District

(Carlsbad )-- State Senator Bill Morrow, the leading candidate for Congress in California's 50th District, today officially unveiled his new campaign website - , providing visitors with information about his legislative priorities, his biography, and ways to get involved with his growing campaign for Congress. The launch of brings the thirteen-year state legislator one step closer to formally announcing his candidacy for the seat recently vacated by former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

" will serve as a powerful resource for voters to obtain up to the minute information about the April 11 th special election, and to find out ways they can get involved with our growing campaign," said Senator Morrow. "Our website, like our campaign, will address the issues that matter most to the voters of our area, whether it's the illegal immigration crisis, the need to restore trust in our public officials, or the runaway spending that's taking hold in Washington, DC. I urge voters of all political stripes to visit , using it as a tool to make informed decisions about this upcoming special election."

First elected to the State Assembly in 1992, Bill Morrow has been re-elected by his North County neighbors every time he has stood for election. Morrow was elected to the State Senate in 1998 and asked to return by the voters again in 2002.

From 1979-1987, Morrow served with distinction as a commissioned officer and military judge advocate for the United States Marine Corps. As the Chief Trial Counsel and prosecutor at Camp Pendleton, Morrow prosecuted cases against crime, waste and corruption in the military. Captain Morrow left active duty with the USMC in 1987 and entered the private sector as a small business attorney.

Bill Morrow is an active member of the community and enjoys helping local organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis Clubs, YMCA, and Laura's House.

Senator Morrow's current Senate District includes much of North San Diego County , a portion of South Orange County , and overlaps with 67% of the 50th Congressional District.
# # # # #

Paid for and authorized by the Morrow Congressional Committee. (760) 560-7712.

Healthcare Foundation Follow Up - money for the Left

Healthcare Foundation Follow Up - millions of dollars for liberal causes that don't improve anyone's health

What a hornet’s nest I’ve stirred up!

You may recall the email I sent out on December 8 outlining the hearing I participated in on December 7 about the tax status of nonprofit, tax-exempt hospital groups such as Kaiser Permanente and how these nonprofit hospitals are under attack by both unions and liberal special interests.

I followed up that email with an article I wrote for Human Events outlining California’s three nonprofit healthcare foundations which together have a net worth of $5.5 billion and give about $250 million a year in grants, much of which goes to liberal groups.

Well, since then, I’ve gotten a large amount of encouraging support from the nonprofit healthcare community telling me that I said what they wished they could have said, but are afraid to do so.

I also got an interesting letter from the President and CEO of one of the billion dollar foundations, Mr. Gary Yates, who said he was trying “to correct factual errors and misperceptions” in my Human Events piece. Well, I’ll admit to making one, non-material error: I wrote that The California Wellness Foundation was formed by Blue Cross going from nonprofit to for-profit status – it was in fact formed from the for-profit conversion of Health Net. Whatever. The remainder of Mr. Yates’ letter does nothing to counter my initial claims about the spectacular and dangerous liberal political bias of these hugely endowed foundations.

I wrote my reply to Mr. Yates today. I’ve posted the entire reply on my website (see: In the meantime, you may find some of the additional research Mr. Yates’ letter prompted my office to do very interesting. It shows beyond any doubt that The California Wellness Foundation’s tax-exempt status is being abused in favor of funding an ultra-liberal social agenda.

From my reply to Mr. Yates, here is a small sampling of the tax-free grants to liberal causes in which this billion dollar juggernaut indulges, most of which have precious little to do with assisting low income people in obtaining health care (curiously, their original mandate):

-California Budget Project, a de facto partisan organization that always argues for a radical liberal agenda, and which the San Francisco Chronicle recently called a “liberal Sacramento policy group” – $100,000, 7/25/03

-California Council of Churches, a reflexively leftist organization that espouses only liberal causes – $100,000 4/25/2003

-California Family Health Council, Inc. – Its own web site says, “The California Family Health Council (CFHC) is a nonprofit organization working to improve the health of California families by increasing access to family planning, improving reproductive health care and ensuring access to health services.” This group supported SB 1301, which made abortion a “fundamental” right in California and opposed Prop. 73 – $75,000, 1/24/2003; $200,000, 1/24/2003; $200,000, 1/24/2003; $500,000, 10/24/2003

-California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, liberal environmentalist group – $130,000, 4/25/2003

-California Planned Parenthood Education Fund, Inc., California’s largest abortion provider – $150,000, 7/25/2003

-California Women’s Law Center - From their web site: “Women’s Access to Health Care is Compromised by Religious Health Systems - Religious health systems are the fastest growing non-profit healthcare providers in the United States. In California, Catholic Healthcare West is the largest healthcare system with 42 hospitals. When religious systems purchase secular hospitals, low-income women, men and adolescents lose access to a whole range of medically necessary reproductive health services.” Let’s leave aside whether abortion and birth control are “medically necessary.” Men? Since when are vasectomies and IVF “medically necessary?” The grant was for “core operating support to provide policy advocacy and legal services to promote women’s health issues in California,” presumably abortion – $120,000, 1/24/2003

-Camp Fire Girls program “Speak Out!,” which promotes contraception as the best means of pregnancy prevention, and mocks abstinence as ineffectual and a sop to advocates of traditional morality, when sound sociological research (not to mention science and common sense) demonstrate otherwise – $75,000, 1/24/2003

-Center for Environmental Health – $100,000, 7/25/2003

-Center for Gender Equality (headed by Faye Wattleton, former president of Planned Parenthood), to “support the development of an interactive web site to provide the media, the public, and policymakers with information on women’s issues, including health,” presumably abortion – $10,000, 8/19/2003

-Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, which describes itself as “a non-profit, non-partisan consumer watchdog group. We fight corrupt corporations and crooked politicians every day,” and is run by the ultra-liberal partisan Jamie Court – $5,000, 3/25/2003

-Health Access Foundation, which supports Health Access California, led by left-wing partisan Anthony Wright who was very active in the Prop. 78 and 79 campaigns and has been quoted many times attacking legislative Republicans – $100,000, 7/25/2003

-International Planned Parenthood Foundation, Western Hemisphere Group, Inc. – $5,000, 11/25/2003

-Persephone Productions, named after the Greek goddess of the underworld whose name means “destroyer of light,” run by the radical leftist Bonnie Erbe, a keen supporter of abortion and the homosexual rights agenda, “to develop and disseminate information to California policy makers and opinion leaders about what works to reduce teen pregnancy” – Three $75,000 donations, 1/24/2003, 2/6/2003, and 2/7/2003

-Planned Parenthood, San Diego & Riverside Counties – $130,000, 7/25/2002

-Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles – $75,000, 1/24/2003

-Planned Parenthood, Mar Monte – $75,000, 1/24/2003

-Population Services International “to advocate for access to emergency contraception for teens,” emergency contraception is almost always a euphemism for some sort of abortifacient – $75,000, 1/24/2003

-Public Health Institute, which promotes the “rights, respect, and responsibility” approach to healthy adolescent sexuality” (i.e., kids have the ability to make these important decisions; yes, listen to the parents, but ultimately, it’s the minor child’s choice) – $225,000, in Q1 and Q4 2003

-Trust for Conservation Innovation “To link together funders working on environment, health, social justice, science marine ecosystems and rural economies around a cross-sector issue.” That issue is water, and my guess is that the concern here has little to do with “clean water,” but rather restricting the ability of agriculture to have access to what it needs for commercial irrigation, a rather curious donation from a health non-profit – Two donations of $15,000, 1/9/2003

I ended my letter to Mr. Yates with the following:

I accept that TCWF provides some modest funding to a few good – even wonderful – organizations that work assiduously to expand access to cost-effective, affordable, and needed healthcare for indigent Californians. This is good and necessary work, and not just because it reduces the perceived need for taxpayer funded action.

However, mixed in is an alarmingly heavy emphasis on grants supporting a leftist political agenda. In conferring with individuals who have attended meetings where you and your colleagues have discussed this agenda, I am confident asserting your creative interpretation of TCWF’s founding mission has caused you to stray far into the political arena.

It is my intent to closely monitor your foundation and others in California to discover acts that may constitute a violation of your non-profit status.

Again, thank you for your reply. It prompted me to conduct more research, solidifying my initial perceptions.

To all of you who responded to me with information about The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation and the California HealthCare Foundation, thank you. We need to continue to keep an eye on these groups lest they think no one is watching as they use their wealth and nonprofit status to advance a very liberal agenda.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Monday, December 19, 2005

Asm. Joe Nation Comes out Firing

Joe Nation comes out firing! Capitol favorite Asm. Joe Nation is in for a serious uphill battle against Rep. Lynn Woolsey, an election that COULD BE real bell weather for moderate Democrats in CA & nationwide.

Many of you in the Capitol know and like Joe Nation, he is an affable guy and very effective legislator. In fact, he helped put Fabian into the speakership. Nation was a contender for Speaker himself, but in the end helped coalesce Democratic moderate members behind Nunez, thus defeating (thank God) a push by Asm. Jenny Oropeza.

In this race Nation is positioning himself as the moderate against incumbent Lynn Woolsey. Woolsey is a just to the Left of Marx & Engels, and Cindy Sheehan loving grandma. In my humblest of opinions, Democrats like Woolsey are so out of touch with the mainstream today that they relegate our Democratic Party to a permanent back bench nationally.

Woolsey needs to go and Nation needs to win, but as usual (in both parties), it is exceedingly difficult to unseat a deadwood member of Congress. Woolsey is a throw back to the days of beat poets in the Haight, Jack Kerouac and the Vietnam War (and to all my lefty friends out there, don't compare Iraq and Vietnam--it makes us look dumb, they are completely separate.). Woolsey is a tired old calendar stuck on the year 1969.

That being said, national left of center Democrats shudder at the thought of moving our party back to the middle and regaining national relevance --- therefore, they are supporting Lynn Woolsey with significant resources. Her loss would be such an embarassment to the Luddites on the Left like MoveOn and Soros they cannot afford her to be a chink in their armor.

Too bad though, Joe Nation would make a great forward thinking, moderate Democrat that could actually produce in a GOP dominated Congress. Check it out, throw Joe Nation $10 or $20 bucks, put on some walking shoes and let's send a message. XOX

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Aloha from the Duke-stir

I don't know if any of you kids were lucky enough to get this in your inbox, but my girl David Lee Roth was. Happy Holidays Hawaiian Style.....

Marvin Lucas you can't scoop this! Gotta be in SD baby.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Can't Spell Duke without U-K-E

The special election to replace yet another disgraced GOP MOC--Well first let's get Grandma Busby (the Dem candidate) out of the way --- "Grandma Busby, you are a nice sweet woman but you and Cindy Sheehan will soon go the way of Fmr Assemblyman Scott Wildman --tolerated but now forgotten."

Ok, now on to the good stuff. One of my few GOP girlfriends filled me in on the happenings at the always eventful (yawn---actually I have never been to one so they could be about as fun as square dancing, what do I know) San Diego Reep Christmas party. Here is what I learned:

--Some rich guy named Alan Uke is staffing up and prepping to be a contender. Uke has hired some Bushies from South Dakota and Florida and is throwing money around like Ross Perot.

--Asm Mark Wyland is not a part of the conversation anymore, at least for the congressional seat.

--Fmr. Congressman Brian Bilbray is going to go after this seat with at least as much vigor as he did when he lost to Susan Davis is 2000. (This is a joke that some of you on either side of the aisle will get, however many of you Assembly Fellows were still in diapers so sorry)

--State Senator Bill Morrow is acting like the frontrunner at this point and seems to be taking this run more seriously than his previous campaign against now Rep. Darrell Issa.

I am sure that there are some others reading this blog that have much to add. Either way, this gives you troglodyte Reeps something to think about over the weekend. XOX

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PUC readies to vote for energy rate increases to subsidize the wealthy

Does anyone other than me find it odd that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) plans on voting Thursday to raise rates by $0.55 per month on all Californians so a wealthy few can have their photovoltaic panel installations subsidized?

At about $30,000 per installation, rooftop photovoltaic systems generate energy at nine times the cost of competing energy sources (excluding wear out and maintenance labor which would make the systems look even more costly).

This means that only those with cash to spare will install the systems – systems that can’t even generate enough savings to pay for the yearly interest carrying costs on $30,000.

Meanwhile, no one wants to talk about the real solution to our energy needs – a solution that produces no carbon dioxide – building modern nuclear power plants.

Ironically, had we not stopped building nuclear plants in the 1970s, we would be meeting our Kyoto Treaty protocol CO2 levels today.

In addition, cheap and abundant nuclear power would allow us to create all that hydrogen for vehicles that the Governor keeps talking about. Without that power, we have to use natural gas to produce the hydrogen which begs the question – where do you put all that unused carbon left over from the process?

In any event, the contact information for the PUC is listed below:

President Michael Peevey
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

FAX: 415-703-1758

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Umberg Needs Help---Maybe

I posted the commentary below on the HNF alter ego blog Flak N Hack, but I thought it also germane to this discussion group. Check it out ----

Set to run in a district that only gives us a 3-4pt voter registration edge and freshly off a public scandal with his wife (I am playing devil's advocate here, I am totally cool with his handling of that issue), Assemblyman Tom Umberg could face a real challenge from Reeps looking to reclaim their once proud domination of the Orange Empire.

Word from the GOP has it that therr are really only two serious contenders -- 1) Termed out moderate Reep Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher and 2) Right wing, first termer Assemblyman Van Tran.

I know what many of you might say---"there is no way either of those rookies beat Umberg!" However, let me just suggest the possibility that ---

A) Arnold regains his popularity and has a strong top of ticket for the Reeps along with their golden boy Tom McClintock for Lieutenant Gov.

B) Democrats nominate developer/tycoon Phil Angelides (draining us of any moral, ethical or stylistic high ground we can claim over Gov. Arnold.---remember I am a Westly fan)

C) Reeps are able to capitalize on Umberg's half truths regarding his time as a Army prosecutor at Gitmo.

D) The economy continues improvement (ok, you may say 'what improvement', but as much as I hate to admit it the facts are facts)

E) Either Tran or Daucher are able to attract a certain amount of independent or Democrat voters based on gender/ethnicity.

If any of the above even partially occurs, Tom Umberg will be hip deep in a serious challenge. Democrats can't get complacent here.XOX

Monday, December 12, 2005

What no one has the balls to say, "Stanley Tookie Williams, GO TO HELL!"

As Tookie sits in his comfortable death cell and awaits the fate handed down to him over 20 years ago by a jury of his peers (actually his true peers--as fellow criminals and murderers were ineligible for jury service), I sincerely hope he recounts the hell he inflicted on those here in this world.

The next time I hear someone idiot talk about redemption and the "good" he has done I think I will puke.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams is no hero and deserves no mercy from this world. Forgiveness is something only his Maker can give and none of us can be the judge of that.

However, as fallible human beings and subject to feelings and emotions most of us reasoned sane individuals can only hope (and I use that term in the weirdest sense) that Tookie will die at 12:01 AM and forever after hear the screams of his victims as he torments in hell.

Death penalty pro or con, one can only come to one reasonable conclusion --- Stanley Tookie Williams deserves nothing less.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

For Some Politicians (Sen. Dunn, in this case) Truth is Merely an Obstacle in the Way of their Agenda

This is a tale of lying to score cheap partisan points, of honor and the truth, and of how persistence in pursuit of the truth can win in the end – even in politics.

On November 4, 2005, an article ran in the O.C. Register about a legislative resolution for an O.C. businessman. The resolution was requested only about a week before it was needed, and it was requested of several O.C. lawmakers at once. We lawmakers often coordinate on such matters, even across Party lines, so we can present one resolution and save a little tax money too. In this case, the mad rush led to three resolutions being prepared, one by my office with only Republicans on it, one by Sen. Joe Dunn’s office (D-Santa Ana) and one by Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez (D-Norwalk) (link).

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting. Someone in the Legislature, probably Sen. Dunn or one of his senior staffers, leaked this information to the press in an attempt to embarrass me and my office. Sen. Dunn was quoted in the paper:

"This behavior shows the level of immaturity that contributes to the very reason why the average citizen wants nothing to do with the political process," said state Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Santa Ana. "It's beyond stupidity. Is there never a time that the Orange County delegation can come together on something?"

Then the reporter wrote:

So Dunn's staff called DeVore's staff, asking permission to sign on. Several times. No one returned the calls.”

The problem is it never happened. It was all a set up. A lie. A cheap political stunt.

At this point the common inclination would be to roll over, go into a fetal position and moan something about the hopelessly left-leaning press and the unfairness of life on planet Earth. Not in my office. I enjoy a fight. I relish political combat in pursuit of the truth. Certain things are worth fighting for and the staff I hire share this sense of mission I’m proud to say.

Leisa Brug Kline, my District Director, is a legislative veteran. A PR professional, she used to work as a reporter. Leisa called the O.C. Register reporter, she called the reporter’s editor, and she called Sen. Dunn’s staff. She wouldn’t let go of the story. She suggested to the reporter that she ask for Sen. Dunn’s phone records (after all, they are public information). Sen. Dunn’s office slow-rolled the request.

After five weeks of pursuing the truth, yesterday, the O.C. Register ran a correction on page 4:

Staff members for Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Santa Ana, did not call the office of Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, last month, asking that Dunn be allowed to sign onto a resolution honoring an Orange County businessman. Because of a reporting error and because Dunn and his staff provided incorrect information, a column in the News section of the Nov. 4 edition of the Register inaccurately described, in part, why Dunn's name did not appear on DeVore’s resolution.”

The truth has now been served. But, isn’t there a larger story here? A story about how a lawmaker and his staff purposefully set out to make a colleague of his look bad? And how he manipulated the truth and a reporter to do it? It seems to me to be a story in and of itself, deserving of more notice than a small correction at the bottom of page 4.

Lastly, what does this episode say about Sen. Dunn and some of his other recent exploits in the press, for instance, his grave assertion that the California National Guard set up a unit to illegally spy on Californians and then lied about it? As a member of the California Army National Guard since 1988, I took great umbrage with Sen. Dunn’s wild assertions and irresponsible media haymaking about my colleagues-in-arms in the Guard, thousands of who are fighting overseas right now to keep the truth-challenged senator safe at night.

So, there you have it. Proof that with enough tenacity the good guys can win every now and then.

It will be interesting to see how any of my bills that come before Sen. Dunn’s Judiciary Committee are now treated.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The "web of corruption" -- how far does it reach?

But the question is boyz, how far does the web extend? I have a feeling that this scandal is not over. XO

Democrat assails GOP over Wilkes contributions

By Philip J. LaVelle
December 7, 2005

The chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party accused several leading Republicans yesterday of being part of a "web of corruption" for taking campaign contributions from a central figure in the case of former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Jesse Durfee pointed to thousands of dollars in donations to several current and former Republican officeholders – including some expected to run next year for Cunningham's vacant seat in the 50th Congressional District – and to Republican organizations.

Durfee's list, taken from public Web sites such as, detailed payments from Poway defense contractor Brent Wilkes and his firms, ADCS Inc. and Group W.

Wilkes is not charged, but federal authorities identify him as a co-conspirator in the Cunningham case.

Cunningham pleaded guilty last week to conspiracy and tax evasion in admitting that he took $2.4 million in bribes to help defense firms gain government contracts.

"Voters will reject the Republicans' web of corruption," Durfee told reporters outside the downtown San Diego federal courthouse. "Voters in the 50th Congressional District do not want another congressional representative who is bought and paid for by Cunningham's money men."

Durfee's list showed payments of:

$18,500 to Rep. Duncan Hunter of El Cajon (includes $6,000 from Washington defense contractor Mitchell Wade, another person identified by federal authorities as a Cunningham co-conspirator who has not been charged, and his company, MZM Inc.).

$5,000 to Hunter's Peace Through Strength political action committee.

$18,250 to the Lincoln Club of San Diego County (includes $250 from Cunningham).

$9,200 to Assemblyman George Plescia of La Jolla.

$7,000 to former Rep. Brian Bilbray of Carlsbad (including $1,000 from Cunningham).

$6,500 to the San Diego County Republican Party (includes $1,500 from Cunningham).

$5,000 to Rep. Darrell Issa of Vista.

$4,500 to Assemblyman Mark Wyland of Del Mar.

$4,000 to former Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel of Poway.

$1,000 to state Sen. Bill Morrow of Oceanside.

Bilbray and Morrow are running for the Cunningham seat.

Ron Nehring, chairman of the county Republican Party, dismissed Durfee's remarks and said voters will replace Cunningham with another Republican.

"When you have a party that is headed for yet another loss in North County, you expect oddball, bizarre acts of desperation like this," Nehring said.

He also sought to downplay payments to the local Republican Party.

"The Republican Party in San Diego raises over $1 million a year, and the overwhelming majority of that support comes from Republicans who are interested in lower taxes, smaller government and winning the war on terror," he said.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bringing Liberal Caricatures To Life

I wanted to post briefly about Anaheim Angels owner Arte Moreno because I recently learned he is not simply an Orange County person-of-controversy, but is making unwelcome waves in San Joaquin County, as well.

Instead re-hashing all of it here, you can read about it here and here. Suffice it to say, Mr. Moreno is bringing the liberal caricature of the "greedy developer" to unpleasant life.

California’s $4.5 Billion Healthcare Foundations and Their Secret Plan

California’s $4.5 Billion Healthcare Foundations and Their Secret Plan

(Check the link for the longer entry on my blog.)

What has $4.5 billion and provides millions of dollars per year to the left in California and won’t stop until we have universal, government-run, and fully unionized healthcare? The answer, three foundations created by Blue Cross’ conversion to for-profit status: The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation and the California HealthCare Foundation.

These three entities, now apparently hijacked by liberal activists, fund political activity, liberal consumer rights groups such as the Consumers Union (the publisher of Consumer Reports), and groups such as the ACLU, the CTA teachers union, Planned Parenthood, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (the latter for something called, the “Transgender Healthcare Action Project”), and I could go on and on, as the millions in grants to the inane, PC, left-wing, weird, and occasionally sane stretch into the hundreds.

As an example of the mega-foundations’ sophisticated political tactics, The California Wellness Foundation gave Karen Bass, an L.A.-based community and healthcare activist, a $12,500 grant on October 24, 2003. Interestingly, the grant came six weeks after Ms. Bass began her campaign for the Democrat Party nomination to the State Assembly. Several staffers involved in the grant process at The California Wellness Foundation also contributed to Ms. Bass’ campaign. Less than two months after the cash grant, Ms. Bass loaned her campaign $34,000, boosting her effort to eclipse former L.A. City Councilman Nate Holden and two others to win the primary and go on to represent the 47th Assembly District. The very talented Assemblymember Bass is now on the fast track to leadership in the Assembly’s powerful Democrat Caucus and holds as one of her chief interests (you guessed it) universal health care.

In the end, this episode shows one fundamental truth: liberals are willing to invest tremendous effort to create for themselves engines of change to forcibly remake America in their image. Can anyone show me three foundations that conservatives have hijacked worth $4.5 billion?

The solution? If it’s possible, try to get some conservatives on the boards of these three foundations to hold them accountable. If we don’t watch them, they will become even more aggressive in funding candidates and causes that are no doubt completely contrary to the mission for which they were founded.

All the best,

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, 70th District

P.S. By the way, if you want to look up the I.R.S. Form 990s for these, and any other charities in California, you can visit: .

Also, to get an appreciation for how the Blue Cross' foundation money generates liberal activism, check out this Google search on Anthony Wright of Health Access California:

Should "Tookie's" sentence be commuted

Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of the "Crips" - (By the way, anyone know the etymological source of the "Tookie" nickname?) - is a hot topic among death penalty opponents. We've all seen the protests and counter-protests to free-or-fry him. To me, the fact that he shows no remorse and refuses to "be a rat" (his words) and testify against criminal gang members demonstrates to me that there's no reason to grant a commutation.

I've had discussions with several law enforcement officers including those who've been in gang related units and they feel very strongly on this issue (no commutation).

Regardless of any books "Tookie" has had published under his name or even if his reformation is genuine or the fact that he lost out to Yasser Arafat for the Nobel Peace Prize, sentences have to be carried out and people must know with as much certainty as possible that if they follow his early example, the full price will be paid.

Did Rigoberto Alpizar get what he deserved?

In light of yesterday's incident in Florida I am prone to ask this question.... Did Rigoberty Alpizar get what he deserved?

We live in a post 9-11 world, where security has been increased and our flexiblity of movement restrained in order to protect ourselves from random acts of terrorism.

With this understanding, why would someone run up and down the aisle of an airplane screaming that they have a bomb? That just seems like shear craziness.... even if the said person was bi-polar and didn't take his meds. But he had his wife on board the plane with him, why didn't she take action to silence her husband?

The most interesting twist of the story is that the couple was on their way to a missionary trip. Great, that's all we need some bi-polar crazy person trying to preach to people about Jesus.

Happy Holidays Hackers and Flackers.....

And remember, the moral of the story: Behave yourself at the airport.

Click here for the full story complete with pics.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Susan Kennedy Talk Goes On --- And On

Oh the Kennedy issue back in the news, actually has it ever left?

Over the weekend I was speaking with a number of Democrat and Democrat leaning lobbyists and the overarching opinion of each of them was, "we love the Susan Kennedy appointment, I have such a great relationship with her."

As someone that likes the Kennedy appointment, I began really thinking about it on another level. Number one being that it seems that every Democrat working in Sacramento loves Susan Kennedy (including myself, but not in THAT way), but also that those on my side of aisle are affirming the fears of GOP leaders -- Kennedy will put a much more progressive (aka "liberal" for all you right wingers out there)spin on EVERY issue in front of Guv Arnold.

Another issue that has bobbed around in my mind, and this coming from my own very loyal-partisan perspective, is how interesting it is that a self described disciplined, loyal ex-bodybuilder would make such a disloyal, undisciplined (from a Republican Party angle)choice for Chief of Staff? I understand the Reeps, "storm the bastille!" attitude, I mean imagine what her Royalness Carole Migden would say if Gray Davis had appointed Jim Brulte as his COS!

But really, other than loving the fact that a good partisan (no matter what she says publicly me other Dem friends assure me) progressive controls the puppet strings of the Guv Arnold, I am just baffled at how such a self described self disciplinarian would make such an undisciplined decision.

Now it is too cold and dreary to write anymore, time to ponder this over an extended lunch at the Esquire. XOX

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's that time again!

There's an election in Orange County. Predictions anyone?

What's in a title? The downfall of Assembly Chief of Staffs et al

For the most part---NO. Many "Chiefs of Staff" (legislative directors, capitol coordinators, or whatever name du jour they are now given)on both sides of the aisle in the Assembly(however, I would contend it is more prevolent on the GOP side) are a few years out of college and to date, think that their service Assembly Fellow is akin to being on the Harvard Law Review. No dice.

As I said there are a few exceptions that I can think of, but this is troubling to many of my lobbyist friends. For example, I was bullshitting with a friend of mine over drinks last week and she had invited a few "building friends" to join us --- I remembering making a reference to Lou Papan and one of the nimwits remarked, "Oh is he running for Assembly?"

(If you need that reference explained than you are indeed part of the problem)

The title of Chief of Staff largely means little in today's capitol corridor world. But the problem goes deeper because 'way back in the days of yore' when staff actually had been around and had some type of institutional and legislative knowledge the legislation and process reflected it. Now it seems, you graduate (or not) college, become an intern, and a year later you are the top dog in a legislators office. (Now for those conspiracy theorists out there and you know who you are, I am in no way jealous of these compatriots. I am quite secure in my high ranking legislative job in the upper house.)

The problem is apparent to many inside and outside of the capitol walls, and this should not come as a surprise to many. In my opinion, the balance of power between legislative staff and the "third house" that even a semi saavy lobbyist has a huge advantage --- one lobbyist friend of mine that works for a labor organization remarked that (and I am paraphrasing) in some Assembly offices all you have to do is send in some guys with fire hats and pull-ups and suddenly you have allies. (Now trust me, I love a man in uniform as much as the next girl, but this fits as an example).

All kidding aside, I really hope this trend changes on both sides of the aisle and I think I am interested to hear the eloquent opines of all you hackers and flackers. XOX

Monday, December 05, 2005

Larry Holmes is Back

Many of you fight fans (yeah so this girl likes to watch to sweaty men beat their brains out, so what!) are familiar with the storied career of the once great boxer Larry Holmes. The story is a all too typical one - aging boxer doesn't know when to quit and fights on past his prime.

Well I was trolling the halls of the every so magnificent Capitol this morning to meet up with a friend for a basement coffee, and I stopped by to say hi to a friend of mine in an undisclosed Orange County legislator's office. We exchanged the usual gossip, but one interesting nugget she had heard about was the CalRaces blog coming back online.

For all of you luddites out there --- CalRaces is the blog run by the boys over at Meridian Pacific a REEP political campaign biz. They use the blog to pimp there clients and causes.

Now I liked (note the past tense) CalRaces as much as the next girl back when it was the only thing going, but now their absence has been filled by the much better FlashReport and a host of others (I would put this blog in the "others" category).

So like Larry Holmes, CalRaces should stay retired. Of course it is their perogative, but really they are just Hacking and Flacking.

I have an idea, maybe Silence or Will will invite those guys to join here rather than going through the trouble (and expense) of something that can't compete with the FlashReport.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Westly for Governor

So, as a Republican I don’t really know a whole lot about how the inside-baseball of Democrat politics works. That said, like many others I watch with interest.

By all reasonable measures, Phil Angelides should be overwhelmingly in the lead. He’s got $14 million to Westly’s ~$11m, and he’s got Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Fabian Nunez and Magic Johnson.

But, I still nonetheless think Westly comes back to win.

And for three main reasons.

1)Garry South

2)Jude Barry

and just recently

3)Roger Salazar

These are about the most three most talented, most creative, most innovative operators in the Democrat ranks.

It’d be impressive to have any one of them on the campaign staff. But having all three? Wow!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Kennedy's Appointment a Victory for CHOICE! Pop another cork!

More truthful words have never been spoken:

"Choice has never been in more danger than it is today," says Susan Kennedy, a former CARAL director and adviser to Davis. "If they can't overturn Roe vs. Wade, they will gut it." (San Francisco Chronicle, 2003)

Let's keep this in mind as the Alito hearings proceed.

I never thought I'd say this but Gov. Arnold has finally done something well (well, in addition to those Mr. Universe awards)!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dems Pop the Champagne Cork! Welcome to our side Arnold!

A quote from the always quotable Chair of State Democratic Party in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle read:

Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, said the governor's move to tap Kennedy is "an excellent choice.

"If I were governor, I would have hired her,'' Torres said. "It just means that he knows where the talent pool lies, and it's not within his own party. Maybe he'll get advice now that reflects the majority of Californians. Maybe he needs to listen to other voices.''