Monday, December 19, 2005

Asm. Joe Nation Comes out Firing

Joe Nation comes out firing! Capitol favorite Asm. Joe Nation is in for a serious uphill battle against Rep. Lynn Woolsey, an election that COULD BE real bell weather for moderate Democrats in CA & nationwide.

Many of you in the Capitol know and like Joe Nation, he is an affable guy and very effective legislator. In fact, he helped put Fabian into the speakership. Nation was a contender for Speaker himself, but in the end helped coalesce Democratic moderate members behind Nunez, thus defeating (thank God) a push by Asm. Jenny Oropeza.

In this race Nation is positioning himself as the moderate against incumbent Lynn Woolsey. Woolsey is a just to the Left of Marx & Engels, and Cindy Sheehan loving grandma. In my humblest of opinions, Democrats like Woolsey are so out of touch with the mainstream today that they relegate our Democratic Party to a permanent back bench nationally.

Woolsey needs to go and Nation needs to win, but as usual (in both parties), it is exceedingly difficult to unseat a deadwood member of Congress. Woolsey is a throw back to the days of beat poets in the Haight, Jack Kerouac and the Vietnam War (and to all my lefty friends out there, don't compare Iraq and Vietnam--it makes us look dumb, they are completely separate.). Woolsey is a tired old calendar stuck on the year 1969.

That being said, national left of center Democrats shudder at the thought of moving our party back to the middle and regaining national relevance --- therefore, they are supporting Lynn Woolsey with significant resources. Her loss would be such an embarassment to the Luddites on the Left like MoveOn and Soros they cannot afford her to be a chink in their armor.

Too bad though, Joe Nation would make a great forward thinking, moderate Democrat that could actually produce in a GOP dominated Congress. Check it out, throw Joe Nation $10 or $20 bucks, put on some walking shoes and let's send a message. XOX