Friday, December 16, 2005

Can't Spell Duke without U-K-E

The special election to replace yet another disgraced GOP MOC--Well first let's get Grandma Busby (the Dem candidate) out of the way --- "Grandma Busby, you are a nice sweet woman but you and Cindy Sheehan will soon go the way of Fmr Assemblyman Scott Wildman --tolerated but now forgotten."

Ok, now on to the good stuff. One of my few GOP girlfriends filled me in on the happenings at the always eventful (yawn---actually I have never been to one so they could be about as fun as square dancing, what do I know) San Diego Reep Christmas party. Here is what I learned:

--Some rich guy named Alan Uke is staffing up and prepping to be a contender. Uke has hired some Bushies from South Dakota and Florida and is throwing money around like Ross Perot.

--Asm Mark Wyland is not a part of the conversation anymore, at least for the congressional seat.

--Fmr. Congressman Brian Bilbray is going to go after this seat with at least as much vigor as he did when he lost to Susan Davis is 2000. (This is a joke that some of you on either side of the aisle will get, however many of you Assembly Fellows were still in diapers so sorry)

--State Senator Bill Morrow is acting like the frontrunner at this point and seems to be taking this run more seriously than his previous campaign against now Rep. Darrell Issa.

I am sure that there are some others reading this blog that have much to add. Either way, this gives you troglodyte Reeps something to think about over the weekend. XOX