Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Correa for Senate

While I am normally reluctant to make a pseudo announcement without hearing it from the man himself, it seems that former Assemblyman and current Orange County Supe Lou Correa is getting ready to challenge Tom Umberg in a sure to be no holds barred 34th Senate District Democrat Primary.

According to a few friends formerly affiliated with Lou, some pretty significant forces from the moderate Democrat, pro-business community are promising big if Correa jumps in.

And THEY say Correa is all but in. No official word from Lou yet though.(Warning: How many times have you heard a candidate is running but the candidacy or campaign never occurs.)

While I wouldn't expect a formal announcement from Lou until after the New Year, Sacramento and OC wheels drafting Correa for Senate are already in motion. A rare showdown between labor and business in a Democrat primary.

My prediction: As I have blogged before after the gay marriage vote, his own marriage scandal, and military service distortions, Umberg is in serious trouble and Correa (if his candidacy plays out)will pull a coup.