Monday, December 05, 2005

Larry Holmes is Back

Many of you fight fans (yeah so this girl likes to watch to sweaty men beat their brains out, so what!) are familiar with the storied career of the once great boxer Larry Holmes. The story is a all too typical one - aging boxer doesn't know when to quit and fights on past his prime.

Well I was trolling the halls of the every so magnificent Capitol this morning to meet up with a friend for a basement coffee, and I stopped by to say hi to a friend of mine in an undisclosed Orange County legislator's office. We exchanged the usual gossip, but one interesting nugget she had heard about was the CalRaces blog coming back online.

For all of you luddites out there --- CalRaces is the blog run by the boys over at Meridian Pacific a REEP political campaign biz. They use the blog to pimp there clients and causes.

Now I liked (note the past tense) CalRaces as much as the next girl back when it was the only thing going, but now their absence has been filled by the much better FlashReport and a host of others (I would put this blog in the "others" category).

So like Larry Holmes, CalRaces should stay retired. Of course it is their perogative, but really they are just Hacking and Flacking.

I have an idea, maybe Silence or Will will invite those guys to join here rather than going through the trouble (and expense) of something that can't compete with the FlashReport.