Thursday, December 08, 2005

Should "Tookie's" sentence be commuted

Stanley "Tookie" Williams, co-founder of the "Crips" - (By the way, anyone know the etymological source of the "Tookie" nickname?) - is a hot topic among death penalty opponents. We've all seen the protests and counter-protests to free-or-fry him. To me, the fact that he shows no remorse and refuses to "be a rat" (his words) and testify against criminal gang members demonstrates to me that there's no reason to grant a commutation.

I've had discussions with several law enforcement officers including those who've been in gang related units and they feel very strongly on this issue (no commutation).

Regardless of any books "Tookie" has had published under his name or even if his reformation is genuine or the fact that he lost out to Yasser Arafat for the Nobel Peace Prize, sentences have to be carried out and people must know with as much certainty as possible that if they follow his early example, the full price will be paid.