Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Susan Kennedy Talk Goes On --- And On

Oh the Kennedy issue back in the news, actually has it ever left?

Over the weekend I was speaking with a number of Democrat and Democrat leaning lobbyists and the overarching opinion of each of them was, "we love the Susan Kennedy appointment, I have such a great relationship with her."

As someone that likes the Kennedy appointment, I began really thinking about it on another level. Number one being that it seems that every Democrat working in Sacramento loves Susan Kennedy (including myself, but not in THAT way), but also that those on my side of aisle are affirming the fears of GOP leaders -- Kennedy will put a much more progressive (aka "liberal" for all you right wingers out there)spin on EVERY issue in front of Guv Arnold.

Another issue that has bobbed around in my mind, and this coming from my own very loyal-partisan perspective, is how interesting it is that a self described disciplined, loyal ex-bodybuilder would make such a disloyal, undisciplined (from a Republican Party angle)choice for Chief of Staff? I understand the Reeps, "storm the bastille!" attitude, I mean imagine what her Royalness Carole Migden would say if Gray Davis had appointed Jim Brulte as his COS!

But really, other than loving the fact that a good partisan (no matter what she says publicly me other Dem friends assure me) progressive controls the puppet strings of the Guv Arnold, I am just baffled at how such a self described self disciplinarian would make such an undisciplined decision.

Now it is too cold and dreary to write anymore, time to ponder this over an extended lunch at the Esquire. XOX