Monday, December 12, 2005

What no one has the balls to say, "Stanley Tookie Williams, GO TO HELL!"

As Tookie sits in his comfortable death cell and awaits the fate handed down to him over 20 years ago by a jury of his peers (actually his true peers--as fellow criminals and murderers were ineligible for jury service), I sincerely hope he recounts the hell he inflicted on those here in this world.

The next time I hear someone idiot talk about redemption and the "good" he has done I think I will puke.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams is no hero and deserves no mercy from this world. Forgiveness is something only his Maker can give and none of us can be the judge of that.

However, as fallible human beings and subject to feelings and emotions most of us reasoned sane individuals can only hope (and I use that term in the weirdest sense) that Tookie will die at 12:01 AM and forever after hear the screams of his victims as he torments in hell.

Death penalty pro or con, one can only come to one reasonable conclusion --- Stanley Tookie Williams deserves nothing less.