Monday, January 16, 2006

As Reagan said, "There you go again..." --- Shooting yourself in the Foot

So I read over at the blog California Campaigns about Reep Jim Righeimer challenging Janet Nguyen in the 68th Assembly race now that Van Tran is running for State Senate.

I don't mean to mettle in your internal affairs, but hey, my party has no shot in this seat.

Question for all you out there --- I read the OC Blog (great blog Jubal!) and FlashReport and it seems the old white guy crowd (how us dems refer to Reeps) are pushing an old white guy (Righeimer) versus a fresher face (Nguyen)?

Now don't get me wrong I love how this plays into my stereotype of you guys, but all things being equal (everyone seems to agree that both Nguyen and Righeimer are to the right of Jerry Falwell), why perpetuate the stereotypical image of Republicans that Rove and crew seems so badly to want to change?

I am curious. XO