Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cal-YAF Wants Tran for Senate

I just recieved the following press release from Cal-YAFer Brandon Powers.
Cal-YAF PAC Starts Draft Van Tran for Senate Campaign
Launches Website:

Arcadia, CA - Cal-YAF PAC has launched a website,, urging Van Tran to campaign for the only State Senate seat Republicans can gain in 2006.

Cal-YAF PAC has also called on Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman to unite the Party and get behind Assemblyman Tran’s campaign, giving up his efforts to push Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher into a race she can’t win.

“It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole,” said Brandon Powers, Chairman of Cal-YAF. “Lynn just doesn’t fit the District.”

Assemblyman Tran has been a rising star in the Republican Party, spearheading the Party’s efforts at taking back Central Orange County. His efforts have reduced a 10-point registration gap to about three. He has broad-based support among Asian-American voters, Democrats included, which will make him competitive against any Democrat candidate.

“Van Tran is the only Republican candidate who can win the 34th,” Powers continuted. “No one understands Central Orange County better.”

Additionally, with roughly 10% of the district voters being Asian Democrats and Independents, Tran stands uniquely positioned to challenge the Democrats for this seat. Tran, a conservative Republican, has historically drawn nearly 90% of the vote among Vietnamese Democrats and Independents.

“It is great that in this case the pragmatic choice is also the most conservative choice,” Powers said.

“We hope our site will show Van that he has the support necessary to win, and in the process show Senator Ackerman that his efforts to push an unwanted candidate on the Party are futile,” Powers added.

“It is time for Republicans to unite and not waste precious resources better spent registering voters and fighting Democrats,” Powers concluded.

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), founded in 1960 at the estate of William F. Buckley, is the nation’s oldest conservative youth organization. Cal-YAF PAC (and its predecessor Liberty’s Torch PAC) has a 100% success rating with its Independent Expenditures opposing moderate Republican State Legislative candidates.

The 34th Senate District is currently represented by Senator Joe Dunn, who is termed out at the end of his term.