Friday, January 06, 2006

The Dem Perspective of the GOP Political Bru-ha ha

A little GOP Inside Baseball from the non-Reep perspective. I have no dog in this fight, other than my previous statements of disgust at heavy handed machine type politics -

1. Umberg and/or Correa are more frightened of a Tran candidacy than a Daucher challenge for a number of reasons, first and foremost is that Daucher doesn't pull any Democrat votes. Democrats will vote for Democrats unless there is some other personal or overarching connection to a GOP candidate. I am sure Reep voters behave similarly.

2. According to my Orange County Reep friend(s), this is really a powerplay by Ross Johnson and his chosen son Dick Ackerman.

3. Why? Daucher embodies the Orange County moderate that these guys want as the face of the party. She comes out of privilege and pedigree, yet her views are Democrat-esque socially avoiding the "right wing extremist" label.

4. Tran doesn't fit the mold of your typically Orange County Republican in the eyes of these guys. First off, he comes from a minority group that I don't believe is yet fully accepted by the GOP establishment there. Second, Tran has a "star power" that goes beyond the OC borders and is not dependent on Ackerman or his cronies. By "star power" I mean that he is thought of by my sources as congressional material. Lastly, he has taken (and I just learned this myself) very bold and strident Anti-Communist, Anti-North Vietnam positions and that has ruffled the feathers of the tea and crumpet elite types (now I see why YAF loves this guy).

5. As noted in another blog there is a personal beef between that Ackerman holds and he is doing everything he can to make this personal.

Just my thoughts on a campaign and area I know little about. XOX