Friday, January 27, 2006

Hacks, Flaks and Attacks

With all the traffic on this and many other blogs popular in the CA political blogosphere I am always amused at the attacks, name calling and general playground behavior that is engaged in by some.

I won't repeat the names on this and other sites that have been popular amongst the schoolyard children - but one question needs asking? Do the children even know the people that they are slamming?

Most of the names I have seen (to be fair, not only on this blog but others), are known in political circles (both Dem and Reep) as respected, intelligent, and talented professionals dedicated to their causes.

So what is the motivation of the anonymous children that attack? Is it jealousy? Is it envy? Is it just a general dissatisfaction in your own lives?

All the back and forth is just so amusing, but I am so curious?

Politics and political campaigns are rough. Every pro knows that and most of the attack victims are veteran enough to have developed a very thick skin - but some of these attacks would make even Bob Mulholland blush.

XO -