Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Loyalty or Just Another Fact in the Era of Term Limits

I have been hearing a lot of names being bantered around as the new COS for Assemblyman Blakeslee. I was surprised to hear some and not so surprised to hear others. Some of the names mentioned have only been with their current Members for a year or so.

This leads me to the question, what has happened to loyalty in the Capitol?

I can understand the concept of leaving a Members office when he/she is in their last year or even last term. However, is it fair for someone to leave an office during the middle of the first term?

I can also understand under certain circumstances, maybe moving from the Assembly to the Senate or the Legislature to the Administration but just moving from one Assembly Member to the other does not seem fair to the first member that has invested time and confidence into that person. It is not easy for third house and community groups to identify staffers with specific Members anymore.

One specific instance that baffled me was Aaron Boone who went from being Nakinishi's Leg Director to being Sharon Runner's COS but within less than one year had left that position to take over as COS for termed-out Guy Houston.

Is this just another by-product of term limits or do staffers like Kevin Bassett, 14 years with Dave Cox, not exist anymore?