Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Making the Dems nervous?

From the Flashreport:

Sacramento Correspondent Joe Justin. For those who didn't realize that in addition to writing for this site, Joe actually does other work...Joe is recognized as one of California's most accomplished political campaign professionals. His resume is long, and his successes around the country are many. It was announced yesterday in a caucus of Assembly Republicans that Joe has been tapped by Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to be the lead political consultant overseeing efforts to pick up GOP seats in the lower house in this year's elections! This is a great pick! Now whether even 'Mighty Joe' can impact the iron-clad districts of the infamous "Incumbent Protection" reapportionment plan we have in place in this state...??

***GOP (see I didn't say Reep) staffers are buzzing about the capitol that this is the best move McCarthy has made (ok, I know the bar is low but still) and is a big step in an effort to balance a sinking ship. We'll see if it works, but Dems should at least get a little nervous.