Friday, February 03, 2006

The 3rd House Buzz: Change is Comin'

(I posted this on the Samish Shop but thought I would throw an excerpt of it on Hack N Flak for your enjoyment)

The new buzz around Chops, Spattaro, the Esquire and my personal fave Simon's is that change is coming and needed. Now I am not talking about regime change or power switching partisan hands. The change I speak of is personality based - not policy.

The aptly named 3rd House (Sacramento lobbyists) are desperately looking for new and refreshing candidates from both parties. As we know most legislative seats are locked up - safely Democratic or safely Republican - elections have become boring and predictable. Democratic primaries usually produce some radical leftists that are heavy on paciulli oil, granola, hippie lettuce, Che Guevara t-shirts and light on real world moderation. Similarly the Republican primaries have a habit of spitting out nominees that are are cut right out of the white, overweight, Jerry Falwell, male mold with an uncanny proclivity toward "sermonitis".

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