Monday, February 27, 2006

Convention Winners and Losers

Wow what a convention. From the murderers row of political operatives and consultants at the lobby bar on Friday night to the failed coup by conservatives.

Over the next couple of posts I want to list who I thought were some of the winners and losers of this past weekend.

In my humble opinion the biggest winner of the convention was Tony Strickland.

While Able had signs up and in place before 9:00 am on Friday the Strickland campaign came back strong and matched Able's boys in placement if not in quantity.

More importantly Tony and his minions were everywhere. From hallways to receptions to the lobby. Tony also appeared to be a more established candidate having staff with him every where he went creating that entourage feeling of a statewide candidate. Whereas Able had the same two aids with him and many times, that I saw him, he was walking by himself.

Finally, the receptions. Tony had a packed rocking reception on Saturday night, second only to Poizner's "Republican Idol". Able was unable to follow-up on his monster reception in Sacramento last year. In fact, when I visited Able's recepetion it was dead, maybe because he was charging for drinks and did not have any food. It also could have been because the YAFer's struck again and passed out a flyer stating a change in location to a restaraunt down the street.

More winners and losers coming in the near future, next BOE!