Monday, February 27, 2006

Does Tim Clark charge per release? or Van Tran Launches Campaign

I have always wondered if Tim Clark charges per release. That would make sense since we see a release on everything from campaign finance to changing ones own vehicle oil.

Anyway, Van Tran (who this blogger is a big fan of) has officially launched his campaign against the evil Lynn Daucher. The press release is below.

Popular Orange County Assemblyman Van Tran officially pulled candidate papers today for the open 34th Senate District, while his campaign finance team announced that $250,000 has already been raised for the effort.

“The Orange County Republican donor base has been very supportive of Van in this race,” said campaign spokesman Paul Hegyi. “Our supporters know that Van has a huge lead in the primary election, and they’re focused on gaining as much strength as possible to carry this seat in the general election.”

During his 2004 Assembly primary, Tran built a strong finance committee eventually raising close to $600,000 for that contest. Tran has revived that group for the Senate race, and has also committed $100,000 of his own money to the contest.

“This seat will be won by a Republican in the fall,” continued Hegyi. “Voter registration has made this a Republican district, and Van Tran is – by far – the strongest candidate in the field.”

A recent survey of 34th Senate District Republican voters revealed that Van Tran enjoys 52% name identification with a 5 to 1 favorability ratio, while his likely primary opponent, Lynn Daucher only has 32% name identification with a 2 to 1 favorability rating.