Tuesday, February 28, 2006

McCarthy in campaign strategy meetings

Why did Kevin McCarthy leave the CRP convention before 5:00 pm on Saturday?

The most important issues of the convention had not even been decided, this being the resolution fight during the General Session on Sunday morning. Shouldn't the Assembly Leader have stuck around to help ensure a smooth and uncontested floor session?

Kevin was overheard saying that the reason he was leaving was to return to his district to "serve my constituents". Come on!! We know that Members in safe seats could care less about serving their constituents.

The rumor floating around is that the Kev has been holding high level campaign strategy meetings with team Thomas. I guess we will just have to wait until March 15 to see. As of posting Thomas is one of the few GOP Congressman that has not yet even pulled papers much less filed.

One other thing on this potential race. McCarthy has spent the last year hiring or placing most of the major Central Valley/Kern County consultants. His major rival, Roy Ashburn, has used Joe Justin in the past. The same Joe Justin that McCarthy just hired to run Assembly GOP campaigns.

Stay tuned!!!