Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Points to Ponder...

Looks like there is much going on in Reep-land. Let me just throw down a few things and see what comes back?

1) With Tran out of the 34th are you guys really going to get behind Daucher? Advantage Umberg/Correa.

2) McCarthy for Congress? So who replaces him as your fearless leader? Walters, Plescia, DeVore (my shameless plug for a fellow blogger), or Van Tran? Any others? And who has the staff to make it happen?

3) Is this the "year of the moderate" for the GOP? Example: Schwarzenegger, Poizner, Daucher, Bilbray, McCarthy, Maldonado etc etc.

4) Who would get a higher Wonderlic test score: Dennis Mountjoy or Jenny Oropeza? (If you don't know what the Wonderlic test is, just Google: Vince Young, Wonderlic)

Fight On XO