Friday, March 31, 2006

2006 Primary Predictions

Ok Boys and Girls time for your 2006 Primary Election Results.

Here is the deal, Pick 5 competative primaries in California and tell us who you think is going to win.

Let's see who has the magic 8 ball, telling them the future.

Hot Women - Need your Vote!

Finally a needed break from politics!

Ok boys and girls, a very good friend of mine is a dancer on the Sacramento Kings dance squad - they have made it to the finals of the NBA online Best Dance Team Finals. The Sacramento Kings Dance Team is squaring off against the Miami Heat Dancers

Now I realize this has nothing to do with dancing but rather which team has the best T&A bikini photos - even so, we still need to back up our hometown ladies (Sorry Laker girls got bumped out).

Click below to vote online and yes guys - the pictures are HOT (but tasteful) and girls, we need to back up our CA sisters here.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Campaign Managers

We are deep into the primary election season and campaigns are in full swing -- time to evaluate the captains steering those campaign ships.

Now we all know that the big guys (and gals) are top talents (probably better at their craft than any other in the country, something that D.C. folks on both sides of the aisle oft overlook) - Garry South (Westly), Steve Schmidt (Arnold), Ace Smith (Brown), Roger Salazer (Delgadillo), Tim Clark (Poizner), Bob Mulholland (Angelides)

-- but who is leading the charge of campaign hawks running all those other campaigns in California?

That judgement I leave to you my fellow Hack n Flak cuties! XO

Blogs in the Endorsement Business? Seriously now...

I love the FlashReport, but I have to question their recent foray into the candidate endorsement business.

Seems Flash has endorsed Diane Harkey in the 35th Senate District Special Election. Fair enough, they can obviously do it - but why?

Is OC Blog going to now post a future Harkey press release: Diane Harkey Endorsed by the FlashReport? Will Jon give her free ad space? I don't understand the impetus for you Reeps to do this - especially at the risk of alienating a potential GOP State Senator (I believe the latest poll report I saw showed Harman up by 10 or so).

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ok, My thoughts on the March

If I need to explain the march this past weekend you obviously need to pick up a newspaper.

Here are my quick thoughts -

1) The rally will galvanize the "Minuteman", anti-Latino contingent.
2) The marchers and organizers should have flown American flags rather than Mexican flags. The more this is seen as a USA v. Mexico issue, the more support will grow for the Minuteman types.
3) Even so, the Reeps are in danger of stepping on their, uh d**ks. The GOP has made some recent gains in the Latino community, much to us Dems chagrin, but now if they push too aggressively on the anti-immigrant issue - their very recent progress (nationally) will have been for nothing. Just remember Prop 187 - it won the battle for Pete Wilson, but it had the same effect as the California Latinos as the Southern Strategy had on African Americans.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's the "Lobbyist" Title that make Busby lick her chops

This is another great site from those guys over at YAF -- many thanks to Califoria Campaigns for bringing this to our attention.

Bilbray the Liberal Lobbyist Website

Friday, March 24, 2006

Looks like the Primary in the 17th is heating up

It appears that Gerry Machado has surged to front runner status in the 17th AD primary.

I just received a release from his campaign touting endorsements from some solid conservative leaders.

Bill Maze
Jay La Suer
Chuck DeVore
Van Tran
Dennis Mountjoy

The email also contained a link to an article from the Merced Sun-Star where Machado's primary opponent decides to start her campaign in the gutter by attacking her opponents commitment to conservative values. It appears like that question has been answered.

Assembly Conservative Leaders Agree
Machado is the Choice in the 17th District

Assembly leaders cite Machado's commitment to conservative
principals as reasons for endorsement

Tracy (CA) - The flood of support for Gerry Machado continued today as conservative Assembly leaders become the latest to endorse him in his campaign for the 17th Assembly District.

Joining Gerry's growing list of endorsements are Assembly Members Bill Maze (R-Visalia), Chuck Devore (R-Irvine), Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa), Dennis Mountjoy (R-Monrovia), and Van Tran (R-Costa Mesa).

"I am pleased to endorse Gerry Machado for the 17th Assembly District," said Assemblyman Bill Maze. "Gerry's support of traditional conservative values including the protection of the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman and our second amendment rights make him the clear choice for conservatives in the 17th Assembly District. I would be pleased to serve alongside him in the Assembly."

"I am honored to have these conservative leaders support in my campaign," said Machado. "I look forward to working with them in helping to solve the problems we face in California today."

"These endorsements send a strong message to Republicans in the 17th Assembly District," said Machado campaign manager Chris Orrock. "It shows Gerry's campaign only continues to gain in strength with each passing day, and that Republican Party leaders know that Gerry Machado is the best candidate to win the 17th Assembly District in 2006."

Thursday, March 23, 2006


"That makes sense – if you're a Republican politician, you get wined and dined by oil companies, bankers, foreign investors. If you're a Democrat, you have to go to things like rallies for illegal migrant workers and meet with angry lesbians for animal rights. That's no fun." – Jay Leno

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Firebaugh R.I.P

It has been reported that former Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh has passed away.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top Gun Beach Volleyball Scene

As you ladies out there know (Lady McRae I am sure we are in agreement on this), the beach volleyball scene from "Top Gun" is enough to get any woman's fire ROARING! Cool me down - PLEASE!

But sadly, the race to replace disgraced Top Gun Congressman Duke Cunningham is hardly intriguing - unless you like topics such as "pedophilia" or "castration for sex offenders" - Question of the day...will Mr. Roach endorse Sen. Morrow's proposal?

But another thing that will chill Reeps spirits quicker than a bucket of ice water down a frat boys trousers are poll numbers recently release by Competitive Edge Research (and posted on FlashReport by Duane Dichiara):

Go to Duane's posts on Flash for his analysis, but this should explain the recent shots lobbed at Dem candidate Francine Busby by the local San Diego GOP:

Bilbray 40.9% Busby 38.2%

Roach 35.8% Busby 35.2%

Busby 43.8% Kaloogian 32%

Busby 40.7% Morrow 35.5%

Friday, March 17, 2006

Huge Deadline Looms

With just over two months left before the 2006 primary election candidates face a key deadline today. Today is the first reporting deadline of the primary season. Candidates will be busy hitting the phone lines dialing for dollars all day long. This reporting period is essential for challengers to prove that they have support and the needed cash on hand to pay for mail and be able to get their message out to the voters.

In contested primaries many key endorsements wait to see if a candidate is financially viable before signing on with said candidate.

It will be interesting to see where everyone sits when the reports are released.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

California State Legislature Wins the Nobel Prize in Physics – 120 Lawmakers to Travel to Stockholm to Collect the Prize

SACRAMENTO -- On March 13, 2006, the California State Legislature made a historic breakthrough in understanding how to manipulate the time-space continuum, shaking the very foundation of physics to its nucleus when they discovered time travel.

Eschewing their merely political role, the Sacramento lawmakers realized that they could apply their lawmaking power to anything, including the so-called laws of physics. This revelation quickly resulted in a bill mandating time travel for the upcoming June election.

The time travel bill accompanied what was once Governor Schwarzenegger’s roads, levees and schools “build-it” bond bill. The governor’s bond bill, transmogrified beyond recognition in the Capitol basement, needed time travel so as not to be in violation of the constitutional single subject rule. The time travel bill was designed to amend the state constitution just before actually being approved by the voters in the June election – in effect, traveling backwards in time after being approved to legalize its companion bond measure.

The astounding bill was the fruit of the pols’ intense, late-night work in their secret basement laboratory of democracy.

“As just an amateur physicist, my colleagues impressed the heck out of me,” said Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), “Who knew? Although I should have realized that time travel is child’s play for a body that so routinely changes the laws of nature.”

With time travel conquered, California’s Democrats are now planning on tackling the issue of teleportation. With this power, they can switch the capitals of Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to assume the majority in Congress that has eluded them for the past 12 years.

“As soon as we get back from Stockholm to claim our prize we’ll pass the teleportation bill switching out Sacramento with Washington,” said an unnamed Democrat lawmaker, “Washington’s weather sucks a little worse than Sacramento’s, but hey, without term limits, I think I could stand it.”


Note: This satire was inspired by true events in Sacramento. The “time travel” bill is real and was designed to amend the state constitution to legalize a multiple subject bond and prevent constitutional challenges against it from succeeding.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore, State Assemblyman, 70th District

Monday, March 13, 2006

Political Profiling

Here is my take on the political profiles currently in both of our major parties.

Silver Spooned Republican - They usually are the country club type that came from wealth and privilege. Holding political office is there birthright. They are usually fiscal hawks and very narrow minded. Although they claim they are not just a bunch of rich white guys (or gals) they are and have very little use for middle income, lower income or ethinic minorities except as window dressing. Usually care very little about "family" issues.

White, Liberal Elitist - Usually come from financial or academic privilege and pretend to feel guilty about it. They too usually believe that they are entitled to political office and are elite enough to be trusted with that responsibility. They like to speak about economic socialism, even Marxism around their fellow elitists - and probably would like to impose it on society as a whole (As long as they were made heads of the Politburu). They pretend to care about the poor and minorities, but in reality like the Silver Spooned Republican, use them as windom dressing to advance their brand of 1920's European social elitism.

Blue Collar Republicans - Unlike the Silver Spooned Republicans, these people have actually worked in the real world. While they are fiscal conservatives, they also understand the plight of those less fortunate. Most are socially conservative and hold what we define as strong family values (the social conservatism is usually their core ideology, rather than the fiscal conservatism). These blue collars are more Mom & Pop business than they are Enron - and in fact, hold an aversion to corporate America at some level. They actually do care about the poor, minority and disadvantaged, but too often get brought down by their heart less GOP counterparts.

Family Centered Democrats - More similar to Blue Collar Republicans than any other group. They are usually middle class, ethincally diverse, and go to church or temple, do PTA. This group usually does not come from monetary or academic privilege, but prefers to be involved in their family, community and believes in helping those less fortunate out. They are not fiscally conservative, but they are far from the Rich, White Liberal Elitists. They don't like talking about abortion, but they also don't want to see gay couples getting married. The elected officials that are cut from this cloth usually have no idea how wacked to the EXTREME LEFT their fellow Democrats are and become disheartened by what they observe.

What category does your Boss, Representative, or other Politician fall into?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gallegly Retires

With the retirment of 10 term Congressman Elton Gallegly some high profile Republicans need to make some quick decisions.

Tom McClintock-Does Tom forgoe what will surely be a bruising toss-up general election for an empty seat LG position in favor of a life-time Congressional seat where he can legislate from the majority?

Tony Strickland-Does Tony decide to bow out of what could be described as a underdog chance even if he wins the primary?

Or is someone else lurking out there?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Wither the 17th AD?

Ok, time to take our general thread of discussion in a direction away from Ray Haynes need for prozac and Gina Zari's award as this year's tammy faye baker look alike.....Its time to start talking about competetive seats, and the VY's choice for first up to bat is the only competitive open assembly seat in California, the 17th AD, so, lets hear it hackn'flakers....who do you all see winning the gop nomination in the 17th....having visited both Gerry Machado and Suzanne Tucker's websites...the VY will add that I think we waxed Tucker's alma mater, Appalachian State, 98-0 in a body bag game my freshman year....or maybe that was just USC at the rose bowl!

A Dem for SD 10?

As of 8:00 PM on March 10, the Sec State list only showed one candidate for SD 10, a Republican. On the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters page both Elen Corbett and Johan Klehs are shown as taking out papers. However as of March 9, niether one had submitted signatures or fees in lieu.

Did someone drop the ball?

Challenges to Strickland & Gallegly (This Elton is probably the least known CA MOC on either side of the aisle!)

In an otherwise yawner of a news day - a controversy that is sure to cause parochial waves.

Ventura County Star
Republicans may oppose Gallegly, Strickland
By Timm Herdt, March 10, 2006

With the deadline today to file for political office this year, a flurry of intriguing developments is unfolding in east Ventura County Republican politics.

Before the 5 p.m. deadline passes, two GOP incumbents could face opposition from within their party, and the nonpartisan race for county supervisor in Moorpark and Simi Valley could widen a rift among local Republicans.

Here is what's happening:

In the 23rd Congressional District, 10-term incumbent Elton Gallegly of Simi Valley faces a potential primary challenge from Westlake Village attorney Michael Tenenbaum.

In the 37th Assembly District, longtime Republican activist Bob Larkin of Simi Valley has taken out nomination papers to challenge incumbent GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland of Moorpark.

In the 4th Supervisorial District, two challengers have come forward to take on three-term incumbent Judy Mikels of Simi Valley. Although the office is nonpartisan, that race has created partisan ripples because Strickland and her husband, former Assemblyman Tony Strickland, had originally endorsed a Democrat against Mikels, who is a Republican.

The Stricklands, however, have now rescinded their endorsement of Democrat Jim Dantona and have instead decided to back Simi Valley businessman Peter Foy, a conservative Republican and the newest entrant into the race.
Foy, a board member of the Ventura County Boy Scout Council, is a friend and ally of Sheriff Bob Brooks, who also serves on the Boy Scout board.

The Stricklands' involvement in the supervisor campaign has raised hackles among some Simi Valley Republicans, including Larkin.

At the state Republican convention in San Jose last month, Larkin distributed fliers to delegates' hotel rooms, advising delegates that the Stricklands had endorsed "an ultra-liberal Democrat" against Mikels, a fellow Republican.

"This raises some serious doubts in my mind about Mr. and Mrs. Strickland's loyalty to the California Republican Party," the flier said.

The allegation was potentially troubling to Tony Strickland because he is campaigning statewide for the party nomination for controller. That race promises to be perhaps the most contested GOP primary in California this year, as Strickland is matched against state Sen. Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria.

Partly because of concern over the endorsement, Larkin took out nomination papers last week to challenge Audra Strickland in the GOP primary for her Assembly seat. Since then, Larkin said, he has been approached by high-ranking Republicans from around the state asking him to drop his plans.

About the same time, the Stricklands dropped their endorsement of Dantona and are now backing Foy instead.

Tony Strickland said he would have endorsed Foy from the outset had he known he intended to run.

"Early on, we supported Dantona because we care deeply about our district," he said. "I don't think the incumbent is doing a good job representing the district."

Mikels characterized the Stricklands' actions as sour grapes — retribution against her because two years ago she endorsed Deputy District Attorney Jeff Gorell in the Republican primary over Audra Strickland.

"I think it's disturbing that these people can be vengeful and get away with it," Mikels said. "Tony and Audra have overstepped their bounds. Why would you do that when you yourself are running in a partisan race?"

Dantona, whose consulting firm has worked with a number of Democratic politicians, said he understands the decision of the Stricklands to pull their endorsements.

"Having been in the business for as many years as I have, there are no hard feelings at all," he said. "I like Tony and Audra Strickland. They're both stand-up people. Tony did a lot of nice things for me."

Other Republicans, including Simi Valley Councilwoman Barbra Williamson, continue to support Dantona. She said it's unfortunate that others seek to inject partisanship into a nonpartisan race.

"I expected it," she said. "If you're a dye-in-the-wool Republican, you're not going to get past that. I think it's great that Dantona is able to cross party lines."

The emergence of a challenger to Gallegly caught county Republicans by surprise.

County GOP Central Committee Chairwoman Leslie Cornejo said she was "floored" when she heard the news. She said Tenenbaum became active in local GOP politics last fall, and she was so impressed she appointed him to the state Republican Central Committee.

"I saw him as a young man with a future," Cornejo said.

Tenenbaum, 37, has taken out nomination papers and has until today to return them.

He was reared in Thousand Oaks and was valedictorian of the Thousand Oaks High Class of '87. He returned to the county after graduating from Harvard Law School and now practices law and runs a business-consulting firm.

Tenenbaum said he is confident he will have ample resources to mount a serious campaign but will not entirely self-fund a challenge. "I'm not a rich-guy candidate looking for something to do," he said.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Is clearly a quality that Kevin McCarthy lacks. One only has to read a short article below regarding Roy Ashburn's decision not to run for Congress to clearly see evidence of this deficiency.

For some reason, saying a simple "Thank you" was too much for Kevin. He had to get a dig in. I don't know which one was worse, "your just a state senator and I am a congressman" (as if he is already elected) or "Roy was going back and forth and can't make up his mind. "

How rude!

Click here for the full article.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

HnF March Madness Contest

I thought it would fun to get our minds off of politics for a minute and have a little contest here on HnF.

I have created a group on Yahoo sports for the NCAA basketball tournament. If you would like to join just email me at and tell me you want to participate in the march madness picks. I will then email you the link and password to the contest.

The top non-HnF blogger will get to be a contributor on HnF for one month.

For those of you who do not want people to know your true identity, it is easy to register for an anonymous email with either Hotmail or Yahoo.

Good luck

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wyman and Rexroad Not Friends?

So am I reading this post by the esteemed Matt Rexroad correctly when I interpret that he doesn't like Phil Wyman? XO

From CalRaces:

any one out there would like to fund an independent expenditure against Phil Wyman I will work for free. No retainer. No commissions. Nothing.

The resident of Bakersfield, Lancaster, Barstow, Hanford, Victorville, Tehachapi has taken out papers to run for McCarthy's seat. He just will not go away. I believe he is the most prominent person to lose for Assembly, Senate (2x), and Congress.

This would be my contribution to the people of California. One that will help every single man, woman, and child.

It would truly be public service.

Actually, the thought of Cameron Smyth and Phil Wyman serving in the Assembly together does make me laugh a little but not enough.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Plescia Seals the Deal

Walters and her supporters have thrown their support to George Plescia as the new Republican leader in the Assembly.

Game, set and match: Plescia

Wyman the 13th Part 47

Phil Wyman pulled papers today to run for Assembly yet again. The most hated man in Sacramento will attempt a run for the seat of Bill Maze who is running for Senate.

Haynes's anger clouds his memory

At the CRP convention Ray Haynes told the YRFC state board that he only endorsed Christy Chritsich after Assemblyman Chuck Devore berated Haynes's staff. Ray also said that he endorsed all of the other candidates at the same time he endorsed Christy in order to "dilute" his endorsement of Chuck due to Chuck's apparent behavior.

However, in an article that was posted in one of the comment sections below on Monday October 27, 2003 the OC Register reported something different.

But he's not going to be much help in the 70th. First, he endorsed Chuck DeVore, who volunteered on Haynes' unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaign. Then longtime friend and former Assemblyman Gil Ferguson convinced Haynes to also endorse Marilyn Zippi. Next, friend and former Assemblyman Curt Pringle convinced Haynes to meet Cristi Cristich – who Haynes then decided to endorse even though she once backed Bill Clinton.

There's one more Republican in the race, Don Wagner – who Haynes also knows.

Of course we all know after being bashed for his endorsement of Christich Ray did endorse the final Republican, Wagner.

So did the OC Register lie about how the endorsements came about? Did Ray lie? or has Ray's memory become clouded?

Thomas is officially out!

Bill Thomas is retiring.

McCarthy is sure to run.

Who will run against "the Kev"? When will "the Kev" step down from his leadership post; maybe at tomorrow's Caucus lunch? Will Gentelman George Plescia ascend to a position he thought would not be open just two weeks ago? Will Ray marry Gina? (I had to throw that one in there)

These are the questions that are here for you Hacks and Flaks to ponder.

Fireworks in Bakersfield Part 2

Since I posted on this already I thought I should follow up -- let me be clear, I have no dog in this fight, but this is way better than the crap I am getting from the Westly and Angelides camps.

Just off the Reep transom -- (How I get this stuff I have no clue) -- but your party does have some witty press release writers. They give Mulholland and South a run for their money!

For Immediate Release

March 6, 2006
Contact: Tim Clark (916) 473-8866

Haynes Falters Badly: Loses CRA Endorsement for the First Time Ever

Haynes’ Viability Takes Serious Blow as His Campaign Needed the CRA Slate

(Bakersfield) – On Sunday, the California Republican Assembly refused to endorse Ray Haynes for the first time in his public career – handing a serious blow to Haynes’s chances in the 3rd District Board of Equalization race.

With Haynes badly trailing Michelle Steel in the number of reserved slate cards, Haynes’s threw every resource he had into attaining the CRA endorsement in the desperate hope of picking up a slot on their statewide slate mailing. In the end, however, Haynes fell far short of the 2/3 vote required for endorsement – a result of the surging strength of Michelle Steel’s campaign.

“This was Haynes’ for the taking, and his campaign couldn’t get there,” said Steel spokesman Mike Richman. “All weekend long, Haynes personally lobbied delegates, and his campaign even bussed in delegates to try and stack the vote. His failure at CRA puts the death knell in Haynes’ campaign.”

Last week, Haynes suffered a humiliating defeat when the Young Republican Federation of California endorsed Michelle Steel over Ray Haynes. On the heels of that defeat, Haynes felt the need to double his efforts at the CRA.

In a sign of how weak his campaign has become, Haynes sent a press release trying to declare victory after losing the CRA vote.

“Haynes is trying to mask the reality that this loss is a serious blow to his campaign,” said Richman. “Too little, too late. That should be the Haynes campaign slogan. There is simply very little left now for the Haynes campaign.”


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fireworks in Bakersfield

From Reep Intelligence (that is an oxymoron! Ok just some Dem humor.)--

The California Republican Assembly convention produced a nice little battle between that guy named Hudson and a young up and comer (as referred to on Flashreport by Duane Dichiara) Mike Richman - over the Board of Equalization District 3 seat that will be won by either Ray Haynes or Michelle Steel.

According to sources the battle got very heated and close, but in the end, neither Steel or Haynes got the endorsement of this influential group (in GOP circles they are supposed to be influential, and since this is a GOP seat, you get the picture).

I am sure there are many opinions and firsthand viewpoints from those in the Reep blogosphere.

Light it up boyz! XO

Suprise in 65?

From the "Suprise Suprise" department...Conservative Icon Tom McClintock has endrosed Brenda Salas in AD 65 over presumptive front runner San Jacinto Councilman Jim Ayres....does this signal a sift in the race, or another one of those "oh yeah, they rolled out another endorsement that no one cares about?"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Smart Deborah or The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

I had always heard that of the two Deborahs running for Secretary of State, Deborah Bowen was the smart one. However, after receiving her latest plea for money I have to question that analysis.

Here is a portion of her letter:

Dear Friend,

Well, it looks like I'm angering the powerful special interests again. But then again, my job isn't about winning friends in Sacramento -- it's about doing the right thing for the people of California.

Ensuring fair and accurate elections here in California means asking the tough questions -- tough questions to Republican Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, tough questions to the multi-billion dollar corporations building new voting machines, and tough questions to the testing labs that are supposed to ensure this equipment is secure and accurate.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these powerful interests don't want to see me elected Secretary of State this November. And we're going to have to fight hard to win. But I know that with the grassroots support of tens of thousands of friends across California, we can do it.

Can I count on your help -- today and over the weeks and months ahead?

Help me fight for fair and accurate elections as California's next Secretary of State -- contribute to my campaign today!

The special interests are desperately counting on Secretary of State Bruce McPherson to help Arnold Schwarzenegger hang on to the GOP toehold in some of California's key statewide elected offices. That's why the Governor and his allies have announced plans to raise more than $60 million for their campaigns for November. That's an incredible figure -- and we're going to have to battle through it.

Now I don't expect to raise $60 million for my campaign. Nor do I think we'll need to -- not when the issues are on our side. But we do need to raise enough money to get our message out and cut through the barrage of negative, misleading ads that Arnold's special interests are going to throw at us.

That's why I'm asking for your help, today.


An easy stroll of the SOS website shows that "the smart Deborah" has taken tens of thousands of dollars from multiple special interests groups, such as;

Trial Attorneys
Labor Unions

What I find most troubling is the hundreds of thousands she has taken from contributors from the energy and telecommunications industry, seeing as she sits on the Committee that oversees those areas.

So Deborah when you make statements like, "Well, it looks like I'm angering the powerful special interests again. But then again, my job isn't about winning friends in Sacramento -- it's about doing the right thing for the people of California." It brings on old saying to my mind.

People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cunningham get 8 years, 4 months in Fed Pen

Disgraced Briber ace...Uh I mean Fighter Ace/former Congressman is going to (as they say in Office Space), "Federal Pound Me in the A-- Prison."

There must be some of you Hackers and Flackers out there that have worked for or known Randy (aka Duke). I am curious as to your thoughts personally about him.


A case for Assemblyman George Plescia

Thank you Vince Young, you just tee'd up my next post for me.......

Here are the top Reasons why I think Assemblyman George Plescia should be the next Minority Leader:

1) He is a good positive face for the party
2) He brings a young fresher look to conservatism and the GOP
3) The Assemblyman and his office are really great to work with
4) He lets me keep my luggage in his office whenever I am up in Sacramento
5) He has the best looking staff
6) Who doesn’t like Assemblyman George Plescia?

Not to mention Plescia is a pretty down to earth guy and his ego won't eat Sacramento. When it comes down to it, he is the right man for the job.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Word on the street says......

The VY's sources in the assembly rep caucus informed that Leader McCarthy told the caucus members today that he is defintley running for congress. On top of that, Plescia has mustered enough votes in his camp to become leader, ending the three day contest for the leadership post.

Mr. Haynes, Some Guy Named Hudson, and the CRA

This just came over the Reep transom I guess and was forwarded to me. It seems Mr. Hudson (the author of the e-mail below) is a Ray Haynes apologist. Well so be it - what do I care.

Then again, this is good stuff (I think) worthy of posting in the primarily GOP blogosphere known as Hack N Flak. Reactions?

Subject: CRA Endorsement for Ray Haynes -- I need your help

Dear CRA Leader,

I am writing to ask you to support the endorsement of Ray Haynes for Board of Equalization in the Third District. As you may know, we amended our CRA Bylaws several years ago to allow the full Convention to vote on this endorsement. Even though the Third District covers just six counties, we treat it as a statewide endorsement.

I have known Ray Haynes and worked with him on conservative efforts since 1992. I was employed by him for more than three years when he was the Senate Republican Whip. In a Legislature where CRA leaders are often treated as pariahs, even by Republicans, Ray Haynes has hired many CRA Board members, members, and volunteers. I worked closely with him (and the California Republican Assembly) to pass the "Haynes Amendment" to change the way delegates are selected for the Republican National Convention, making it much more difficult for future Presidential candidates to ignore our state. For every single conservative effort, Ray Haynes has been there for CRA and the Conservative Movement when his opponents were nowhere to be found.

Now that I work as a Tax Counsel for Bill Leonard at the Board of Equalization, I am in a unique position to explain why we need a conservative attorney like Ray Haynes. The Board of Equalization is our elected tax appeals commission and it resolves tax disputes for nearly every tax program in California. Simple tax problems are normally resolved long before they reach the Board, so Board members have to hear the most complicated and "screwed up" cases you can imagine, including many cases where both the government and the taxpayer made mistakes. Unlike many of our state's constitutional offices, Board members are forced to make thousands and thousands of tough decisions each year, sometimes with little opportunity for advice from expert staff. This is not an entry-level position! Ray Haynes is perfect for the job because he is the ultimate "detail person" who will focus on technicalities, arcane rules, and the particular facts of each case, while never losing sight of the "big picture," taxpayers' rights, and the long-term goals of the Conservative Movement. He and Bill Leonard would make a perfect Republican team for the Board of Equalization (and Bill Leonard has endorsed him).

Lately, it seems the only argument I hear against Ray Haynes is that he began dating a Capitol staffer after his wife divorced him a couple of years ago. The people spreading this rumor are insinuating that there is something wrong with that, but I know the people involved and I fear we CRA leaders are being manipulated -- again.
Divorces are a terrible thing and it is awful that his family had to go through that, but please keep in mind that Ray Haynes has not done anything illegal, immoral, or improper. I have devoted the last 20 years to Republican politics and I can assure you that Ray Haynes stands out as one of the most ethical, honest, and Christian politicians I have ever met. He is not perfect, but none of us are perfect either. If you are inclined to vote against endorsing Ray Haynes because of this issue, you really need to ask yourself how much you know about the other candidates in this race and their personal lives. Please don't allow yourself to be manipulated by high-paid consultants who devised this strategy as the only practical way to undermine Ray Haynes' well-established conservative credentials.

In closing, I need to mention a special problem in this race that we conservatives seem to face every two years. There are two conservative candidates in the Republican primary (Michelle Steel and Ray Haynes), plus a more liberal Republican tax auditor for the Board of Equalization (Steve Petruzzo) who is rumored to have strong support from the powerful labor unions that steal money from state workers' paychecks every month. I am not a member of any union and I cannot pretend to know how they will spend their money, but I fear that we conservatives may "split the vote" among two good candidates and allow the most liberal candidate to get elected with heavy union support. As you all know, we have a habit of doing that. Please don't let that happen in this race!

Thank you for your consideration! Please let me know if you have any questions. I realize that normal people don't spend a lot of time worrying about the Board of Equalization, but I can assure you that the Board has a tremendous impact on tax policy, taxpayer rights, and the business climate in our state. We cannot afford NOT to pay attention to this race.

Tom Hudson
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Because the best defense is always.....

A great offense (take it from someone who knows)...all the talk nationally is about how Democrats are looking to pick up Republican seats....well, we all know the one way for us Republican types to prevent that from happening is to move the ball onto the Dem side of the field. So, with that in mind, which dem controlled California seats, congressional, assembly or senate, do Republicans have the best chance of picking up, or, atleast causing enough trouble to make the democrats spend insane amounts of cash to protect their own. Do tell, because enquiring minds want to know!

Extra Extra Read All About It!!

in a shocking development....Ray Haynes backs Mimi Walters for leader. In news not remotley related to this post, Jacki Goldberg introduces legislation tossing out my wonderlic score since the wonderlic test is socio-economically biased against superhuman quarterbacks who win Rose Bowls.

Guess the contributors!

Ok ok, the point of this exercise was this - who really cares about the real identities of anonymous bloggers?

Anonymous political discourse has long been part our heritage. Anonymous letters, newspapers, periodicals were often the work of those fearing for their lives - those who feared that the British government would try them for treason. Heck even in Imperial Russia, novels were written anonymously or with veiled storylines criticizing the Czar.

Well in today's political environment the risks are arguably just as great. Good people lose their jobs everyday, get blackballed or ostracized by BOTH political parties for speaking out against injustice or defying an elitist establishment that believes political power is their birthright.

What I am saying is this anonymous blogging is changing the face of California politics for the better - Improper conduct, ethical questions, backroom deals are brought into the daylight. Accusations or allegations that are unfounded are usually rebutted with ease.

The faces behind the pseudonyms and anonymity aren't what is important - in my opinion, anonymous bloggers have the ultimate responsibilty to keep the elitist establishment on its toes. XO

Convention Winners and Losers 2

In the second installment of CRP convention winners and losers we look at the race for Board of Equalization District District 3.

The two main candidates for this race have been well blogged about on this site and others; Michelle Steele and Ray Haynes. Two other Republicans have filed for this race Donald Wilson and Hal Styles, I do not know anything about either of these unless Donald Wilson is the same Wilson that works for the Senate office of Policy, but I do not know.

Back to the main race!

Michelle Steele was everywhere at the convention. Much like Tony Strickland, Steele was in every meeting and glad handing in the hallways. She had signs and brochures all over the convention.

Ray Haynes was visible but it was mainly sitting in the lobby hallway with his girlfriend and some close supporters.

However, the biggest blow to Haynes was his actions in the YRFC meeting. For those of you that have not heard the story let me tell you. First Assemblyman Chuck Devore spoke to the YRF'ers and indicated while he thought either candidate would be a"great BOE member" he indicated he had supported Steele. Devore did not speak negative about Haynes quite the contrary he praised Haynes. However, after Haynes spoke he was asked about his support for Liberal Christy Christich. Haynes suddenly became very angry and started attacking Devore. Haynes indicated the reason that he supported Christich was because he wanted to dilute his own endorsement of Devore after, according to Ray, Chuck was abusive to Ray's staff.

After a lengthy discussion the YRFC overwhelmingly endorsed Steele over Haynes with only a former Haynes staffer and two others voting for Haynes. What was more obvious is that there probably would not have been an endorsement for either candidate had Haynes not acted the way he had. While the YRFC endorsement does not mean a whole lot, in ways of money or stature, it is important in this race as the two of the three largest clubs or situated within this district and it does bring volunteers and grassroot supporters.

In the end Steele is the convention winner in this race.