Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Convention Winners and Losers 2

In the second installment of CRP convention winners and losers we look at the race for Board of Equalization District District 3.

The two main candidates for this race have been well blogged about on this site and others; Michelle Steele and Ray Haynes. Two other Republicans have filed for this race Donald Wilson and Hal Styles, I do not know anything about either of these unless Donald Wilson is the same Wilson that works for the Senate office of Policy, but I do not know.

Back to the main race!

Michelle Steele was everywhere at the convention. Much like Tony Strickland, Steele was in every meeting and glad handing in the hallways. She had signs and brochures all over the convention.

Ray Haynes was visible but it was mainly sitting in the lobby hallway with his girlfriend and some close supporters.

However, the biggest blow to Haynes was his actions in the YRFC meeting. For those of you that have not heard the story let me tell you. First Assemblyman Chuck Devore spoke to the YRF'ers and indicated while he thought either candidate would be a"great BOE member" he indicated he had supported Steele. Devore did not speak negative about Haynes quite the contrary he praised Haynes. However, after Haynes spoke he was asked about his support for Liberal Christy Christich. Haynes suddenly became very angry and started attacking Devore. Haynes indicated the reason that he supported Christich was because he wanted to dilute his own endorsement of Devore after, according to Ray, Chuck was abusive to Ray's staff.

After a lengthy discussion the YRFC overwhelmingly endorsed Steele over Haynes with only a former Haynes staffer and two others voting for Haynes. What was more obvious is that there probably would not have been an endorsement for either candidate had Haynes not acted the way he had. While the YRFC endorsement does not mean a whole lot, in ways of money or stature, it is important in this race as the two of the three largest clubs or situated within this district and it does bring volunteers and grassroot supporters.

In the end Steele is the convention winner in this race.