Monday, March 06, 2006

Fireworks in Bakersfield Part 2

Since I posted on this already I thought I should follow up -- let me be clear, I have no dog in this fight, but this is way better than the crap I am getting from the Westly and Angelides camps.

Just off the Reep transom -- (How I get this stuff I have no clue) -- but your party does have some witty press release writers. They give Mulholland and South a run for their money!

For Immediate Release

March 6, 2006
Contact: Tim Clark (916) 473-8866

Haynes Falters Badly: Loses CRA Endorsement for the First Time Ever

Haynes’ Viability Takes Serious Blow as His Campaign Needed the CRA Slate

(Bakersfield) – On Sunday, the California Republican Assembly refused to endorse Ray Haynes for the first time in his public career – handing a serious blow to Haynes’s chances in the 3rd District Board of Equalization race.

With Haynes badly trailing Michelle Steel in the number of reserved slate cards, Haynes’s threw every resource he had into attaining the CRA endorsement in the desperate hope of picking up a slot on their statewide slate mailing. In the end, however, Haynes fell far short of the 2/3 vote required for endorsement – a result of the surging strength of Michelle Steel’s campaign.

“This was Haynes’ for the taking, and his campaign couldn’t get there,” said Steel spokesman Mike Richman. “All weekend long, Haynes personally lobbied delegates, and his campaign even bussed in delegates to try and stack the vote. His failure at CRA puts the death knell in Haynes’ campaign.”

Last week, Haynes suffered a humiliating defeat when the Young Republican Federation of California endorsed Michelle Steel over Ray Haynes. On the heels of that defeat, Haynes felt the need to double his efforts at the CRA.

In a sign of how weak his campaign has become, Haynes sent a press release trying to declare victory after losing the CRA vote.

“Haynes is trying to mask the reality that this loss is a serious blow to his campaign,” said Richman. “Too little, too late. That should be the Haynes campaign slogan. There is simply very little left now for the Haynes campaign.”