Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fireworks in Bakersfield

From Reep Intelligence (that is an oxymoron! Ok just some Dem humor.)--

The California Republican Assembly convention produced a nice little battle between that guy named Hudson and a young up and comer (as referred to on Flashreport by Duane Dichiara) Mike Richman - over the Board of Equalization District 3 seat that will be won by either Ray Haynes or Michelle Steel.

According to sources the battle got very heated and close, but in the end, neither Steel or Haynes got the endorsement of this influential group (in GOP circles they are supposed to be influential, and since this is a GOP seat, you get the picture).

I am sure there are many opinions and firsthand viewpoints from those in the Reep blogosphere.

Light it up boyz! XO