Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Guess the contributors!

Ok ok, the point of this exercise was this - who really cares about the real identities of anonymous bloggers?

Anonymous political discourse has long been part our heritage. Anonymous letters, newspapers, periodicals were often the work of those fearing for their lives - those who feared that the British government would try them for treason. Heck even in Imperial Russia, novels were written anonymously or with veiled storylines criticizing the Czar.

Well in today's political environment the risks are arguably just as great. Good people lose their jobs everyday, get blackballed or ostracized by BOTH political parties for speaking out against injustice or defying an elitist establishment that believes political power is their birthright.

What I am saying is this anonymous blogging is changing the face of California politics for the better - Improper conduct, ethical questions, backroom deals are brought into the daylight. Accusations or allegations that are unfounded are usually rebutted with ease.

The faces behind the pseudonyms and anonymity aren't what is important - in my opinion, anonymous bloggers have the ultimate responsibilty to keep the elitist establishment on its toes. XO