Monday, March 06, 2006

Haynes's anger clouds his memory

At the CRP convention Ray Haynes told the YRFC state board that he only endorsed Christy Chritsich after Assemblyman Chuck Devore berated Haynes's staff. Ray also said that he endorsed all of the other candidates at the same time he endorsed Christy in order to "dilute" his endorsement of Chuck due to Chuck's apparent behavior.

However, in an article that was posted in one of the comment sections below on Monday October 27, 2003 the OC Register reported something different.

But he's not going to be much help in the 70th. First, he endorsed Chuck DeVore, who volunteered on Haynes' unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaign. Then longtime friend and former Assemblyman Gil Ferguson convinced Haynes to also endorse Marilyn Zippi. Next, friend and former Assemblyman Curt Pringle convinced Haynes to meet Cristi Cristich – who Haynes then decided to endorse even though she once backed Bill Clinton.

There's one more Republican in the race, Don Wagner – who Haynes also knows.

Of course we all know after being bashed for his endorsement of Christich Ray did endorse the final Republican, Wagner.

So did the OC Register lie about how the endorsements came about? Did Ray lie? or has Ray's memory become clouded?