Friday, March 24, 2006

Looks like the Primary in the 17th is heating up

It appears that Gerry Machado has surged to front runner status in the 17th AD primary.

I just received a release from his campaign touting endorsements from some solid conservative leaders.

Bill Maze
Jay La Suer
Chuck DeVore
Van Tran
Dennis Mountjoy

The email also contained a link to an article from the Merced Sun-Star where Machado's primary opponent decides to start her campaign in the gutter by attacking her opponents commitment to conservative values. It appears like that question has been answered.

Assembly Conservative Leaders Agree
Machado is the Choice in the 17th District

Assembly leaders cite Machado's commitment to conservative
principals as reasons for endorsement

Tracy (CA) - The flood of support for Gerry Machado continued today as conservative Assembly leaders become the latest to endorse him in his campaign for the 17th Assembly District.

Joining Gerry's growing list of endorsements are Assembly Members Bill Maze (R-Visalia), Chuck Devore (R-Irvine), Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa), Dennis Mountjoy (R-Monrovia), and Van Tran (R-Costa Mesa).

"I am pleased to endorse Gerry Machado for the 17th Assembly District," said Assemblyman Bill Maze. "Gerry's support of traditional conservative values including the protection of the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman and our second amendment rights make him the clear choice for conservatives in the 17th Assembly District. I would be pleased to serve alongside him in the Assembly."

"I am honored to have these conservative leaders support in my campaign," said Machado. "I look forward to working with them in helping to solve the problems we face in California today."

"These endorsements send a strong message to Republicans in the 17th Assembly District," said Machado campaign manager Chris Orrock. "It shows Gerry's campaign only continues to gain in strength with each passing day, and that Republican Party leaders know that Gerry Machado is the best candidate to win the 17th Assembly District in 2006."