Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ok, My thoughts on the March

If I need to explain the march this past weekend you obviously need to pick up a newspaper.

Here are my quick thoughts -

1) The rally will galvanize the "Minuteman", anti-Latino contingent.
2) The marchers and organizers should have flown American flags rather than Mexican flags. The more this is seen as a USA v. Mexico issue, the more support will grow for the Minuteman types.
3) Even so, the Reeps are in danger of stepping on their, uh d**ks. The GOP has made some recent gains in the Latino community, much to us Dems chagrin, but now if they push too aggressively on the anti-immigrant issue - their very recent progress (nationally) will have been for nothing. Just remember Prop 187 - it won the battle for Pete Wilson, but it had the same effect as the California Latinos as the Southern Strategy had on African Americans.