Monday, March 13, 2006

Political Profiling

Here is my take on the political profiles currently in both of our major parties.

Silver Spooned Republican - They usually are the country club type that came from wealth and privilege. Holding political office is there birthright. They are usually fiscal hawks and very narrow minded. Although they claim they are not just a bunch of rich white guys (or gals) they are and have very little use for middle income, lower income or ethinic minorities except as window dressing. Usually care very little about "family" issues.

White, Liberal Elitist - Usually come from financial or academic privilege and pretend to feel guilty about it. They too usually believe that they are entitled to political office and are elite enough to be trusted with that responsibility. They like to speak about economic socialism, even Marxism around their fellow elitists - and probably would like to impose it on society as a whole (As long as they were made heads of the Politburu). They pretend to care about the poor and minorities, but in reality like the Silver Spooned Republican, use them as windom dressing to advance their brand of 1920's European social elitism.

Blue Collar Republicans - Unlike the Silver Spooned Republicans, these people have actually worked in the real world. While they are fiscal conservatives, they also understand the plight of those less fortunate. Most are socially conservative and hold what we define as strong family values (the social conservatism is usually their core ideology, rather than the fiscal conservatism). These blue collars are more Mom & Pop business than they are Enron - and in fact, hold an aversion to corporate America at some level. They actually do care about the poor, minority and disadvantaged, but too often get brought down by their heart less GOP counterparts.

Family Centered Democrats - More similar to Blue Collar Republicans than any other group. They are usually middle class, ethincally diverse, and go to church or temple, do PTA. This group usually does not come from monetary or academic privilege, but prefers to be involved in their family, community and believes in helping those less fortunate out. They are not fiscally conservative, but they are far from the Rich, White Liberal Elitists. They don't like talking about abortion, but they also don't want to see gay couples getting married. The elected officials that are cut from this cloth usually have no idea how wacked to the EXTREME LEFT their fellow Democrats are and become disheartened by what they observe.

What category does your Boss, Representative, or other Politician fall into?