Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top Gun Beach Volleyball Scene

As you ladies out there know (Lady McRae I am sure we are in agreement on this), the beach volleyball scene from "Top Gun" is enough to get any woman's fire ROARING! Cool me down - PLEASE!

But sadly, the race to replace disgraced Top Gun Congressman Duke Cunningham is hardly intriguing - unless you like topics such as "pedophilia" or "castration for sex offenders" - Question of the day...will Mr. Roach endorse Sen. Morrow's proposal?

But another thing that will chill Reeps spirits quicker than a bucket of ice water down a frat boys trousers are poll numbers recently release by Competitive Edge Research (and posted on FlashReport by Duane Dichiara):

Go to Duane's posts on Flash for his analysis, but this should explain the recent shots lobbed at Dem candidate Francine Busby by the local San Diego GOP:

Bilbray 40.9% Busby 38.2%

Roach 35.8% Busby 35.2%

Busby 43.8% Kaloogian 32%

Busby 40.7% Morrow 35.5%