Tuesday, April 04, 2006

GOP Raising the White Flag in CD 50 - SEIU Takes over Sports Radio

Reep consultant and Flash Blogger Joe "Walsh" Justin wrote this over at that FlashReport blog: I say good riddance to Tom DeLay....a man so powerful he very well may cost the GOP the 50th congressional seat.

Mr. Justin is also a consultant for Sen. Bill Morrow's campaign for the 50th CD - is he tipping his hand about the strength of Dem Francine Busby?

Also ----

My latest Man toy loves sports radio - KHTK AM 1140 in Sacramento to be exact. It seems SEIU has bought a ton of lead in ads at every weather and traffic report during morning and evening wake up/drive time.

For example, Traffic girl X gets done telling us how clogged I-99 is and then proceeds to tells us that the traffic report is sponsored by SEIU and SEIU and working men and women hate the Governor (well not those exact words, but the ad copy read by the radio host says pretty much that the Governor sucks).

Now my brain is thinking - would the Ad department at KHTK accept sponsorship or ad copy for their traffic or weather reports from the NRA, Pro-Life groups, or (insert name here) conservative leaning group making an equally political statement?

I like some stuff SEIU does of course, but hey, I am all about fairness.