Monday, April 03, 2006

Why do Republicans fear Republicans?

Maybe I am just a misguided Dem, but I have long wondered why Republicans fear appointing Republicans? For example, the Wilson and Schwarzenegger Administrations have a habit of appointing non-Republicans to key posts and judgeships - as a Democrat, I would be floored to see the same behavior. For all the problems I had with Gray Davis, he rarely if ever, threw a bone to Republicans in regards to appointments.

That leads me to publish a post from Mike Spence over at FlashReport. Now I rarely if ever agree with Mr. Spence, but his post is interesting - especially considering this topic. It makes me think about how I would react if a Dem Governor acted this way.

Here is Mr. Spence's post:

LA Superior Court Nominee Deception Revealed
by Mike Spence - Los Angeles County 4-3-2006 11:43 am

Last Thursday I posted about the Governor's latest appointment to The LA County Bench, Richard Goul. You can see it here. I have been a critic of the Governor's judicial picks, especially in LA County where the ratio runs 2 to 1 in favor of the Democrats. The California Republican Lawyer Association introduced and got passed a resolution calling on the Gov to appoint Republican to judicial slots.

So what's the big deal about this appointment? The press release noted he was a decline to state. That is sort of an abstention in the way most us of count stuff. It doesn't count for you and it doesn't count against you.

Well, guess what a source connected in the LA DA's office told me that Goul was a Democrat. The Orange County Registrar of Voters shows that he was registered for about eight years AS A DEMOCRAT in Newport Beach until 2/21 of 2006 when he suddenly registered as a decline to state voter.

Why did Goul change his registration? Did he do it to mislead us judicial appointment watchers? Did he deceive the Governor's staff as well?

Either way Goul should not accept this appointment, the Governor should withdraw it and his deception needs to be explained.

How many other nominees have done that same thing?