Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You are Gay - Who Cares!

Yes I consider myself a moderate Dem. Yes I am sure this post will rub someone out there the wrong way. All that being said...

This week West Sac Mayor Chris Cabaldon jumped out of the closet and got a front page article in the Sacramento Bee by announcing he is gay.

Well I am here to make a similar announcement - I like to be slapped on the ass and have my hair pulled from time to time. I look forward to the Bee front page article.

It seems that being gay is more about getting publicity for yourself than really anything else - what is being gay now? Is it about advancing your political career or trying to be the new poster child for a particular constituency?

Spare me the stories of years of torment from "hiding" who you really are. Don't we all struggle with "hiding" or "denying" certain elements of your personality? Yes we do - so please save the sobbing.

I thought the Gay and Lesbian movement wanted the government and public out of their bedroom? Well if so, than quit bring your bedroom to the front page of the Sacramento Bee.

Cabaldon is gay, I like my hair pulled, Arnold loves Maria, some legislators have enjoyed the company of "professional" women. All are pointless to anyone except themselves and their partners and surely shouldn't be news.